Interface MultipleExplanationGenerator

All Superinterfaces:
ExplanationGenerator, SingleExplanationGenerator
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public interface MultipleExplanationGenerator
extends ExplanationGenerator, SingleExplanationGenerator

Description: The explanation generator interface for returning all the explanations for an unsatisfiable class. This interface extends the SingleExplanationGenerator so it can be used to generate single explanations, too. As in SingleExplanationGenerator, SatisfiabilityConverter can be used to convert an arbitrary axiom into a class description that will be passed as an argument to the explanation functions.

Copyright: Copyright (c) 2007

Company: Clark & Parsia, LLC.

Evren Sirin

Method Summary
 void setProgressMonitor(ExplanationProgressMonitor progressMonitor)
          Sets the progress monitor for this multiple explanation generator.
Methods inherited from interface com.clarkparsia.explanation.ExplanationGenerator
getExplanation, getExplanations, getExplanations
Methods inherited from interface com.clarkparsia.explanation.SingleExplanationGenerator
getExplanation, getOntology, getOntologyManager, getReasoner, getReasonerFactory, setOntology, setReasoner, setReasonerFactory

Method Detail


void setProgressMonitor(ExplanationProgressMonitor progressMonitor)
Sets the progress monitor for this multiple explanation generator.

progressMonitor - The progress monitor.