Class ConvertSuperClassesToEquivalentClass

  extended by org.semanticweb.owl.AbstractCompositeOntologyChange
      extended by org.semanticweb.owl.ConvertSuperClassesToEquivalentClass
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ConvertSuperClassesToEquivalentClass
extends AbstractCompositeOntologyChange

Author: Matthew Horridge
The University Of Manchester
Bio-Health Informatics Group
Date: 23-Jul-2007

This composite change will convert a primitive class to a defined class by replacing subclass axioms where the class in question is on the left hand side of the subclass axiom to an equivalent classes axiom which makes the class equivalent to the intersection of its superclasses.

More formally, given a class A, a set of ontologies S, and a target targetOntology T, for each targetOntology O in S, subclass axioms whose LHS is A will be removed from O. The superclasses from these axioms will be combined into an intersection class which will be made equivalent to A using an equivalent classes axioms E. E will be added to the target targetOntology T.

This composite change supports the pattern of working where a primitive class is converted to a defined class - functionality which is usually found in editors.

Constructor Summary
ConvertSuperClassesToEquivalentClass(OWLDataFactory dataFactory, OWLClass cls, java.util.Set<OWLOntology> ontologies, OWLOntology targetOntology)
Method Summary
 java.util.List<OWLOntologyChange> getChanges()
          Gets the changes which compose this composite change.
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Constructor Detail


public ConvertSuperClassesToEquivalentClass(OWLDataFactory dataFactory,
                                            OWLClass cls,
                                            java.util.Set<OWLOntology> ontologies,
                                            OWLOntology targetOntology)
dataFactory - A data factory which can be used to create the appropriate axioms
cls - The class whose superclasses will be converted to an equivalent class.
ontologies - The ontologies which should be examined for subclass axioms.
targetOntology - The targetOntology which the equivalent classes axiom should be added to
Method Detail


public java.util.List<OWLOntologyChange> getChanges()
Description copied from interface: OWLCompositeOntologyChange
Gets the changes which compose this composite change. Once this method has been invoked, it will always return the same list of changes.

A list of ontology changes.