Interface OWLOntologyOutputTarget

All Known Implementing Classes:
StreamOutputTarget, StringOutputTarget, WriterOutputTarget

public interface OWLOntologyOutputTarget

Author: Matthew Horridge
The University Of Manchester
Bio-Health Informatics Group
Date: 18-Nov-2007

Specifies an interface to access a stream which can be used to store an ontology. Any OWLOntologyStorer that uses this interface will first try to obtain a writer (if isWriterAvailable returns true), followed by an OutputStream (if isOutputStreamAvailable returns true), followed by trying to open a stream from a physical URI (if isPhysicalURIAvailable returns true)

Method Summary getOutputStream()
 boolean isOutputStreamAvailable()
 boolean isPhysicalURIAvailable()
 boolean isWriterAvailable()

Method Detail


boolean isWriterAvailable()

getWriter getWriter()


boolean isOutputStreamAvailable()

getOutputStream getOutputStream()


boolean isPhysicalURIAvailable()

getPhysicalURI getPhysicalURI()