Interface OWLDataOneOf

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Comparable<OWLObject>, OWLDataRange, OWLObject, OWLPropertyRange

public interface OWLDataOneOf
extends OWLDataRange

Author: Matthew Horridge
The University Of Manchester
Bio-Health Informatics Group Date: 24-Oct-2006 Represents a data range which contains a specific set of data values. For example the data range containing {0, 15, 30, 40} might be used to describe the range of scores in tennis.

Method Summary
 java.util.Set<OWLConstant> getValues()
          Gets the values (constants) that this data range consists of.
Methods inherited from interface org.semanticweb.owl.model.OWLDataRange
accept, accept, isDataType

Method Detail


java.util.Set<OWLConstant> getValues()
Gets the values (constants) that this data range consists of. These may be typed or untyped constants.