Interface OWLEntityAnnotationAxiom

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Comparable<OWLObject>, OWLAnnotationAxiom<OWLEntity>, OWLAxiom, OWLObject

public interface OWLEntityAnnotationAxiom
extends OWLAnnotationAxiom<OWLEntity>

Author: Matthew Horridge
The University Of Manchester
Bio-Health Informatics Group
Date: 25-Nov-2006

An annotation that annotates the entity in an entity declaration. Such annotations could be used to provide labels for entities etc. This is different from an OWLAxiomAnnotionAxiom on a declaration, which annotates the actual declaration axiom.

Method Summary
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getAnnotation, getSubject
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accept, accept, getAnnotationAxioms, getAxiomType, getReferencedEntities, isLogicalAxiom
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accept, accept
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