Interface OWLObjectPropertyInverse

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Comparable<OWLObject>, OWLObject, OWLObjectPropertyExpression, OWLPropertyExpression<OWLObjectPropertyExpression,OWLDescription>

public interface OWLObjectPropertyInverse
extends OWLObjectPropertyExpression

Author: Matthew Horridge
The University Of Manchester
Bio-Health Informatics Group Date: 24-Oct-2006 Represents the inverse of a property expression. This can be used to refer to the inverse of a property, without actually naming the property. For example, consider the property hasPart, the inverse property of hasPart (isPartOf) can be referred to using this interface inverseOf(hasPart), which can be used in restrictions e.g. inverseOf(hasPart) some Car refers to the set of things that are part of at least one car.

Method Summary
 OWLObjectPropertyExpression getInverse()
          Gets the property expression that this is the inverse of.
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Method Detail


OWLObjectPropertyExpression getInverse()
Gets the property expression that this is the inverse of.