Interface OWLOntologyFactory.OWLOntologyCreationHandler

Enclosing interface:

public static interface OWLOntologyFactory.OWLOntologyCreationHandler

An OWLOntologyCreationHandler gets notified when the factory has created an empty ontology (during the loading process). This may be needed to handle features such as cyclic imports. For example if OntA and OntB are ontologies and OntA imports OntB and vice versa, OntA will probably be partially loaded, but then will require the loading of OntB to ensure that all entities are declared. OntB will also require the partial loading of OntA for the same reason. The handler allows a reference to an ontology which is being loaded to be obtained before loading is finished.

Method Summary
 void ontologyCreated(OWLOntology ontology)
          The factory calls this method as soon as it has created an ontology.
 void setOntologyFormat(OWLOntology ontology, OWLOntologyFormat format)

Method Detail


void ontologyCreated(OWLOntology ontology)
The factory calls this method as soon as it has created an ontology. If the factory is loading an ontology then the ontology will not have been populated with axioms at this stage.

ontology - The newly created ontology.


void setOntologyFormat(OWLOntology ontology,
                       OWLOntologyFormat format)