Class PropertyAssertionValueShortFormProvider

  extended by org.semanticweb.owl.util.PropertyAssertionValueShortFormProvider
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public class PropertyAssertionValueShortFormProvider
extends java.lang.Object
implements ShortFormProvider

Author: Matthew Horridge
The University Of Manchester
Bio-Health Informatics Group
Date: 17-Jun-2007

A short form provider that generates short forms from the values of object property assertions or data property assertions if the entity is an individual. If the entity whose short form is not being generated is not an individual (i.e. it is a class, property etc.) then an alternate short form provider is used. (As a side note, the use case for this particular short form provider came from the SKOS community, which have individuals that have preferredLabel property assertions).

Constructor Summary
PropertyAssertionValueShortFormProvider(java.util.List<OWLPropertyExpression> properties, java.util.Map<OWLDataPropertyExpression,java.util.List<java.lang.String>> preferredLanguageMap, OWLOntologySetProvider ontologySetProvider)
          Constructs a property value short form provider.
PropertyAssertionValueShortFormProvider(java.util.List<OWLPropertyExpression> properties, java.util.Map<OWLDataPropertyExpression,java.util.List<java.lang.String>> preferredLanguageMap, OWLOntologySetProvider ontologySetProvider, ShortFormProvider alternateShortFormProvider)
          Constructs a property value short form provider.
Method Summary
 void dispose()
          Disposes of the short form proivider.
 java.util.Map<OWLDataPropertyExpression,java.util.List<java.lang.String>> getPreferredLanguageMap()
 java.util.List<OWLPropertyExpression> getProperties()
 java.lang.String getShortForm(OWLEntity entity)
          Gets the short form for the specified entity.
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Constructor Detail


public PropertyAssertionValueShortFormProvider(java.util.List<OWLPropertyExpression> properties,
                                               java.util.Map<OWLDataPropertyExpression,java.util.List<java.lang.String>> preferredLanguageMap,
                                               OWLOntologySetProvider ontologySetProvider)
Constructs a property value short form provider. Using SimpleShortFormProvider as the alternate short form provider (see other constructor for details).


public PropertyAssertionValueShortFormProvider(java.util.List<OWLPropertyExpression> properties,
                                               java.util.Map<OWLDataPropertyExpression,java.util.List<java.lang.String>> preferredLanguageMap,
                                               OWLOntologySetProvider ontologySetProvider,
                                               ShortFormProvider alternateShortFormProvider)
Constructs a property value short form provider.

properties - A List of preferred properties. The list is searched from start to end, so that property assertions whose property is at the start of the list have a higher priority and are selected over properties that appear towards or at the end of the list.
preferredLanguageMap - A map which maps data properties to preferred languages. For any given data property there may be a list of preferred languages for the values of that property Languages at the start of the list have a higher priority over languages at the end of the list. This parameter may be empty but it must not be null.
ontologySetProvider - An OWLOntologySetProvider which provides a set of ontology from which candidate annotation axioms should be taken. For a given entity, all ontologies are examined.
alternateShortFormProvider - A short form provider which will be used to generate the short form for an entity that does not have any property values (e.g. class, property). This provider will also be used in the case where the value of an annotation is an OWLIndividual for providing the short form of the individual.
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getShortForm(OWLEntity entity)
Description copied from interface: ShortFormProvider
Gets the short form for the specified entity.

Specified by:
getShortForm in interface ShortFormProvider
entity - The entity.
A string which represents a short rendering of the speicified entity.


public java.util.List<OWLPropertyExpression> getProperties()


public java.util.Map<OWLDataPropertyExpression,java.util.List<java.lang.String>> getPreferredLanguageMap()


public void dispose()
Description copied from interface: ShortFormProvider
Disposes of the short form proivider. This frees any resources and clears any caches.

Specified by:
dispose in interface ShortFormProvider