Class NullExplanationOrderer

  extended by
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public class NullExplanationOrderer
extends java.lang.Object
implements ExplanationOrderer

Author: Matthew Horridge
The University Of Manchester
Bio-Health Informatics Group
Date: 22-Jan-2008

An implementation of an explanation order, which doesn't really do any ordering!

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 ExplanationTree getOrderedExplanation(OWLAxiom entailment, java.util.Set<OWLAxiom> axioms)
          Gets an ordered (and possibly indented) explanation.
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Constructor Detail


public NullExplanationOrderer()
Method Detail


public ExplanationTree getOrderedExplanation(OWLAxiom entailment,
                                             java.util.Set<OWLAxiom> axioms)
Description copied from interface: ExplanationOrderer
Gets an ordered (and possibly indented) explanation. The orderer really provides some kind of "presentation" layer to make an explanation easier to read.

Specified by:
getOrderedExplanation in interface ExplanationOrderer
entailment - The axiom that represents the entailment that the explanation being ordered is a justification for.
axioms - The axioms that constitute the unordered explanation
An order explanation.